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From Steaks to Success: How Our Corporate Gifting Program Ignites Business Growth


At Chicago Steak Company, we understand the power of appreciation and the impact it can have on employee morale and client relationships. That's why we have developed a Corporate Gifting Program that goes above and beyond, offering exclusive, mouthwatering meat and seafood products that make employees and clients feel truly special. The overwhelming popularity of our program among dozens of companies across the US serves as a testament to the remarkable experience we strive to provide.

In this case study, we explore the experiences of four diverse companies that have utilized our premium meat products to enhance their corporate gifting programs and express appreciation to their employees and clients. Discover the seamless program implementation, recipient satisfaction, and the favorable comparison of our corporate gifting program to others, showcasing the overall positive impact it has made for these companies.

About the participants

Company 1

Gold Coast Produce is a Midwest-based produce company committed to fulfilling all produce needs from sourcing through distribution. They have been using Chicago Steak Company as their corporate holiday gift provider for the past three years.

Company 2

This participating business provides financial planning services with a team of seven employees. They have started using our premium meat delivery service for employee rewards since 2020 as a safe alternative to employee birthday lunches, baseball outings, and holiday parties.

Company 3

Company 3 is a catering and concessions business in the Washington DC area. They utilize our premium meat products as appreciation gifts for referrals and key decision-makers in their clients' companies.

Company 4

Our final participant is a construction company that supplies equipment with over 2000 employees across four states. They have been using our premium meat delivery service as an employee reward since April 2023.

How our Corporate Gifting Program was implemented

All four companies were motivated to choose Chicago Steak Company as a corporate gifting solution due to the exceptional quality of our premium meat products. The implementation process was seamless for each company, allowing them to easily show appreciation to their employees and clients.

Gold Coast Produce emphasized that “Chicago Steak Company’s customer service goes above and beyond to manage countless orders all over the country, providing quick responses and seamless tracking. When there have ever been any issues, they have been able to problem-solve quickly as well!”

Company 3 reported that our team at Chicago Steak Company made the implementation very easy to handle. “We can just send over a list if we have several addresses to ship to. Or fire off an email with an address and the item we want to send. It is very convenient,” a representative highlighted.

Last but not least, our fourth participant explained that “before we enrolled in this reward program we used to personally pick up and ship meat to our different locations.  This is not only a much more cost-effective method, but the ease that this company provides is spectacular.” 

How employees participated

Employee participation in Corporate Gifting Program has been consistently high across all the companies interviewed. Company 1, Company 2, and Company 4 reported that 100% of their employees actively participate in the reward program, showcasing the widespread engagement and enthusiasm among their workforce. 

Furthermore, feedback from employees has been overwhelmingly positive. Employees from all companies expressed their enjoyment and appreciation for receiving high-quality meat products from Chicago Steak Company. The sentiment was particularly strong during the first year, with mentions of “surprise” and “delight.” The convenience of the service, timely delivery, and excellent packaging were also highlighted as factors contributing to the overall positive experience.

Even in Company 3, where the program is not used as an employee reward, they highlighted that nearly all of their customers receive the benefits of this program. According to a representative of the D.C.-based catering business, “Everyone LOVES the steaks. Usually it is unexpected so there is additional appreciation from our clients. But the quality is always well received.”

Impact on employee satisfaction and retention

The implementation of Chicago Steak Company's premium meat delivery service as an employee reward has had a positive impact on employee satisfaction across the companies interviewed. Employees consistently expressed their appreciation for the high-quality meat products and the special treat they receive through this program. 

The sentiment of gratitude and satisfaction was particularly strong in the first year when the program was a surprise, creating a memorable and rewarding experience for employees.

While specific data on employee retention was not available for all companies, the feedback suggests that the program contributes to building and enhancing relationships. Company 3 mentioned that the program serves as a relationship-building tool, helping to improve their relationships with clients. 

In Company 4, positive remarks from employees across different locations were received, indicating a positive impact on overall employee satisfaction. Although concrete statistics were not provided, the feedback and testimonials from employees indicate that the program plays a part in fostering employee loyalty and satisfaction.

How our Corporate Gifting Program compares to other reward programs

All four companies highlight Chicago Steak Company's program as exceptional in terms of employee participation, satisfaction, and cost-effectiveness. The unique and high-quality nature of our products consistently impresses recipients and fosters a sense of appreciation.

When comparing Chicago Steak Company to other corporate gifting programs, Company 3 recognizes that while it may not be the cheapest option, the lasting impression it creates is well worth it. In the words of their representative, "It really does 'wow'. So that's why we keep doing it." 

Gold Coast Produce attests to the exceptional customer service offered by Chicago Steak Company. As they put it, "out of the various corporate gift options, especially for steaks, Chicago Steak Company's customer service and rewards program is by far the best we've experienced." The success of their initial trial run in the first year led to expanding their partnership with us year after year. Initially starting with holiday gifts to their clients, Gold Coast Produce recognized the immense value and subsequently extended the program to include their employees. 

Finally, Jessica Houser, Procurement Administrator at Company 4, said that "Chicago Steak Company has made our corporate events so much better,” and that her company is looking forward to many more years of business together.

The bottom line

As the responses of all four companies show, exceptional quality, seamless implementation, high employee participation, and positive impact on satisfaction and retention emphasize the effectiveness of our program. Whether utilized as employee rewards, client appreciation gifts, or relationship-building tools, our premium meat products continue to impress and delight recipients. 

Ready to wow your clients and employees? Enroll in our Corporate Gifting Program now and let Chicago Steak Company deliver the finest quality meats for a truly unforgettable gift.

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